Weight Limits For Courier Vans

Even courier vans will have to obey different regulations set based on the weight limit. However, for vans that deliver parcels, they can stock them as parcels are light. For trucks and heavy goods vehicles, they have to abide by the set limits in terms of the weight. You have to know the weight of your van and the load on it. This will help you to determine if you are in line with the regulations on weight limits.

How To Determine Your Van’s Weight Limit

Different vehicles will have different weight limits. What determines a vehicle’s weight limit is its size, weight, without the load, and weight of the vehicle, when you have fully loaded it. To run a successful successful courier business, you have to know which vans have what weights and if you are in line with the set regulations.

First, you have to fuel your van and fill it with oil among other lubricants. This step is basically to determine the actual weight of your van when it has everything required to be on the road. From there, you can proceed to load it up with your basic items you carry in your van, such as water bottle, maps, and the like. After that, you can approach the weigh-bridge in your local area and measure the weight of your van.

Assuming you have the weight of your van with you from the weigh-bridge, take the gross vehicle weight (GVW) and subtract the weight you from the weigh-bridge, to give you the exact weight limit your van should carry. The GVW of any van will be available on the registration papers or licence plate.

Penalties For Exceeding The Legal Weight

It can be impossible to correctly guess the amount of weight your vehicle should carry by just looking at the GVW of your van. You will either assume a higher or lower figure. For the latter, it will cost you the amount of trips you make to your delivery point. For example, if your vehicle can carry a maximum of 1000kg but you assume it to be 800kg, then you have to make an extra trip to deliver the 200kg. This is not only costly but also it takes a lot of your time and mileage for your van.

Drivers and courier businesses will receive penalties for exceeding the legal weight limit. Also, your van may be immobilised such that you can no longer drive it your destination. This will lead to delay or deliveries which can bring a bad image to your customers. Fines due to exceeding the maximum weight will depend on how much you have exceeded the weight by. In extreme cases, it may end up in the courtroom. The fines start from 100 pounds sterling.

How You Proceed After The Fine

For the UK residents, you are allowed a grace period of about 28 days before you can either pay the fine or appeal it. Either way, you have to act within this period if you want to avoid additional penalties. Some severe overloading cases can lead to imprisonment for the culprit.