Which 4×4 Roof Rack Type Should You Choose

Bespoke versus Ready-made:

A roof rack is the most practical option if you want to boost your 4×4 vehicle’s cargo space. However, not all roof racks are created equal. Some are better than the others in terms of durability, loading capacity, ease of installation, maintenance needed, and costs. When you decide to get a 4×4 roof rack, you have to choose between bespoke and ready-made.

Ready-made roof rack is either from the car manufacturer or a supplier recommended by the maker or dealer. Because it is from or recommended by the manufacturer, many buyers treat this type as the default option. Nevertheless, if you want to get the best deal, you might want to weigh on the advantages and disadvantages of both ready-made and bespoke roof racks instead of relying solely on the default option.


Looking for a bespoke roof rack provider is a little bit harder than finding a seller for a ready-made one. You have to be mindful of your vehicle’s load rating when you shop for a roof rack. In the case of ready-made ones, the load rating for your car’s model is already considered when they are made.

For custom-made roof racks, you have to provide information about your car’s model and manufacturing year. If you have customisations in your vehicle, you need tell that to your prospect provider as well. These factors determine the loading capacity of your vehicle as well as the weight of roof rack it can carry.

Ease of Loading/Unloading

The hunt for a bespoke 4×4 roof rack may be tough but here is the good part: you can ask for additional features to simplify loading and unloading of your roof rack. You can request for a fixed or a detachable ladder to go on your car’s top with fewer hassles.

If you have no experience in packing equipment, boxes or bags in a roof rack, you will probably have no idea how time-consuming and meticulous the process is. You have to tie your load securely. You have to consider its placement and height as well. Customised larders may not seem much but they can speed up the process.


Ready-made roof racks are mass produced so you should expect little personality from them. If a roof rack is made by your car manufacturer, you can at least hope that it matches your vehicle. However, if you have other car customisations such as additional lights and light bracket, a custom-made roof rack becomes the better option because you can request your provider to match your vehicle’s current design.

If you are going to use a 4×4 roof rack for the same or similar items, you should consider the bespoke type. It can be made to match your loading needs unlike a ready-made option.